THE FUTURE IS NOT WRITTEN BUT IT CAN BE. Project Athenium is an interactive installation, presented as a digital library that collects the data about the future of Detroit. A tool for Detroiters to create a personalized vision of the city that can be shared with others. The members of the team are Carlos Garcia - Designer,Developer. Jilly Dreadful - Storyteller. Olga Yakovleva - Designer, Animator. Jarek Carethers - Designer, Storyteller. This project was sponsored by Tribeca Movie Institute, under Interactive Co/Lab sub-division.

Please see Project Athenium here:

The installation set up as a big projected touch-screen monitor. The idea of thw installation was to collect data (words) about the future of Detroit, which were shared by participants. After entering the project, the participant was presented with three categories about Detroit. The participant needed to decide which direction he or she was most interested and hit continue. After going throught the series of multiple choices, the participant were asked to contribute six words about the future of Detroit, according to the topic that he or she followed. Six words were displayed on the projector with other contributed words. Also, after submitting the six words, the participant was able to click on any sub-categories to see what answers were given by other people.
My role in this project included UI design, graphic and digital design and animation.

Animation part:

UI design and design of the interface:

Project Athenium is only the beginning of a bigger future that might be used in different ways. For example, this platform could be used as a data collecting tool. Such an interactive installation could be installed in different areas, outside of Detroit and used as a survey in order to figure out what would be the best for the community. Potentially such a project could connect people together, according to their interests.

What happened in Detroit:

Preparation for the project. How was it in Detroit.