My project is a website blog about cities and their moods. Many people like to travel and share their experiences with pictures and comments about the places they have visited via social media. My idea is to use something separate, a blog based website where each individual can share his or her own pictures and tell his or her story about the personality of the city and their personal experience. Every city has its own personality, and every traveler sees the city in a different way. The idea of my project is to share the experience of traveling and the attitude of the city in a personal way.

In the website demonstration below I have presented five cities that I have visited. Every user will be able to add any city that he or she wants, according to their preferences. Also, the web page of the city blog could be shared with friends signed up for the blog or via email or social media.

Please see the basic demonstration of the website here:

Please see some additional explanations about the project below:


The user registers at the website and selects the city or cities that he or she wants to blog about. The names of the cities are represented on the main page with an electronic map with sparkling dots representing the cities that will be included in the blog.


The user clicks on a selected city and the website brings him or her to the next page, where the user will be able to upload an unlimited number of pictures and comments.


The user will be able support his or her pictures with comments, as well as with short stories. Every moment could be described by the user as a personal blog or message.


I believe that social media should have a bit more personality and not be overwhelmed with too much information. As a practical designer, my goal is to simplify the user experience as much as possible and not distract users with other topics that might appear in other social media.

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