My Family Tree Network is an interactive website that connects family members, collects and stores important family information, and measures and indicates the frequency of communications between specific family members. My project helps to indicate the relationships between family members, helps users stay in touch with family members even if they live far away from each other, and it helps to connect family members. My idea is to bring family geneology and family tree structures to the next level where the users have more freedom of choice.

Please see a basic demonstration of the website here:

This project could be developed in many different ways, from a simple network to, potentially, some kind of service with instant messages, calls, important family reminders, etc.

My target audience are people who want to interact with their families and maintain important information and memories that are important to every family. My project would also be a great communication tool for families that live far away from each other.

Please see the UX,UI design for my project below:


After registration, the user starts his or her personal Family Tree construction.


This slide represents a personal “Family Map” structure (example). It indicates blood family members, other family members, relationships between members, deceased members, and notifications.


Each invited family member has an individual blog page that can be added by any family member that is displayed on the “Family Tree” page of the member.


Each family member will be able to see the structure of the “Family Map” page of each other member and will be able to add family member profiles from other “Family Map” pages directly.


The Family Tree network will also include a news stream where every member will be able to see all types of updates about other family members.


The Family Tree network will include a personal blog for every family member where members can share information about other family members, including important facts, comments, jokes and pictures which can be uploaded.


Based on my preliminary research, existing family tree websites are generic, not very user friendly and have very little personality. This project will help to create the family identity not only by generic answers, like gender and current location, but also by personal opinions and comments of family members. The project will help to build the family network and, potentially, may even discover some new or distant family members no matter how far away they currently live.